Why should my business have a social media presence anyway?

That is a good question that has several answers. Here are three:
  1. Social Media gives you an unprecedented way to interact directly with your customers.
    You can post about your company, create community around your brand, post about sales, events, and more.
  2. Social Media is useful in driving traffic to your website
    Following you on social media will lead people to your website, where you can provide more information, close a sale, etc. Posts with likes and lots of interaction drives up your search results, as Google takes such things into account.
  3. Social Media can help you develop brand recognition and trust.
    One key to advertising is recognition through repetition. Everyone knows the Coca Cola polar bears, the Geico Gecko, heck, even the Marlboro Man. You know them because you see them all the time! With social media, you can harness some of that power yourself, without spending what these mega corporations spend on advertising. Chances are, however, that as a business owner, you are hard pressed to find the time to do all this posting and advertising. That's where we come in.